(Source: 1947 Shri Shankaracharya Vaaksudha, p 96/2017 Guru Dev Legacy Trust)

Once at Itawa a visitor asked – Is Bhagvan nirakar or sakar?
Shri Charan (Guru Dev) explained him in this way:

“Bhagvan is both nirakar and sakar. The way butter without having its form is present in each and every molecule of milk just like that Bhagvan, being nirakar, is present in the whole universe in every movable and immovable thing. By churning milk butter takes its form, similarly by churning with the help of the churning stick of spiritual practice, one can get nirakar Bhagvan as sakar Bhagvan.

As butter is the essence of milk, similarly Bhagvan is the essence of this universe. Just as when we extract the butter from milk we get all the satisfaction from butter - nourishment giving power and succulence.

And as the milk seems to begin to be tasteless, so we get at once from the essence of this animated and unanimated universe, Bhagvan, all wealth of happiness and peace and we experience the boundless bliss and then this universe seems to begin to be completely uninteresting (tasteless). Try to find ways to get Bhagvan considering him to be both nirakar and sakar.

Get engaged in spiritual practices and transform this knowledge hidden in these words into an experience and achieve Paramananda (God) yourself.”

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