The Permeable Sakar (world of forms) in the All-pervading Nirakar (formlessness)        

[Source: 1947 Shri Shankaracharya Vaaksudha, p 97/2017 Guru Dev Legacy Trust]

At Itawa once a paramhansa sannyasin mahatma came and asked - “Bhagvan! What is the status of the sakar world which in the pervading nirakar Brahma?” Shricharan (Guru Dev) said:

“Just like the status of ice blocks in a body of water, similarly is the status of the conditioned sakar world in the unconditioned nirakar Brahman.
Ice is produced from water only. The inside and outside of ice is imbued with water. In other words its existence is in water only. In the transformation, i.e. after destruction of name and form of ice, it also becomes water only.

Similarly this whole universe having its name and form is produced from unconditioned Brahma which does not have its name and particular form. This unconditioned Brahman - without having any particular form - is imbued in this universe and after destruction of name and structure this universe merges in Brahman.”


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