Guru Dev - Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

Guru Dev on the personal and impersonal aspect of Brahman or God

Don't get involved in the controversy over form and formlessness (i.e. of the personal and impersonal aspect of Brahman or God).


Teaching 28 from the "108 Discourses" of Guru Dev

That which is without form (nirakara) is with form (sakara). Like the immovable calm big ocean appears in the form of a rising wave. Just as a wave obviously rises from the surface of the ocean and submerges again after subsiding, in the same way the formless and attributeless all pervading Paramatma can take form at one place.

We therefore say that the visible appearance of Bhagvan with form is then again the apparent proof of the existence of the formless aspect of Paramatma.

Whether you want to put your seal on that without form (nirakara) or on that with form (sakara), this is completely irrelevant to the formless or the form.

For your own welfare keep trying to strengthen faithfulness to one of them.

Learn an appropriate spiritual practice from some Sadguru corresponding to your abilities and cultivate it. And according traditional rules practice strengthening your steadfastness in Atma or Paramatma.

If faithfulness in sakara (personal aspect) has become strong, then the bonds of life and death will be cut and one will lead a life in happiness and peace

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