Lack of discrimination causes humans endless difficulties

(Discourse 100, extracted and adopted from the book “108 discourses of
Guru Dev” by courtesy of Paul Mason)

The All-Blissful, Omnipotent Bhagvan is All-Pervasive. He is present undivided in the hearts of all; yet even then, people appear sorrowful and
restless. All the pain and unrest of samsara is caused by aviveka (lack of discrimination). Bhagvan, the treasure of happiness and peace, resides
inside, but people go astray outside in their search for happiness and peace. They believe that in accumulating material goods they will be happy, this is really the cause of all pain and suffering.

It is really clear that Bhagvan is residing everywhere and is ready to help His devotee in all sorts of ways.

Therefore accepting that Bhagvan is present everywhere, and carry out your spiritual practices and become an object of His grace, then you will get release from dukha (pain) and ashanti (unrest).

“Whoever worships me in whatever way, so do I accept it”. This is the pledge of Bhagvan (Bhagavad Gita 4.11).

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