In Memory of Bhagvan Adi Shankara, The Commentator

(Source: 1947_Shri Shankaracharya Vaaksudha, p 92/2017 Guru Dev Legacy Trust)

[The holy message on the auspicious great festival of the anniversary celebration of commentator Shri Bhagvan Adi Shankaracharya, read by Shricharan on 16th May 1945 at the Shri Shravannath Gyan temple] 

On the occasion of the auspicious anniversary of Bhagvan commentator the Indian nature feels honored on remembering its ancient highest principles. 

Due to the matchless irrefutable commentaries of prasthana traya (triple code - Upanishads, Brahma Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita) together with his exceedingly pure name the world‘s highest philosophies - the Vedanta principles - ever memorable unbreakable union is proclaiming even today the unimpaired status as a Jagatguru (Guru for the whole world). 

Bhagvan Adi Shankara has given us in the form of the commentaries such ever memorable divine wealth for which even today every dignified self-respecting nation bows in front of us and will do so forever. 

For this imperishable donation of wealth the world will alwaysremain indebted to Bhagvan commentator.

On today‘s auspicious occasion of his anniversary celebration our sutra-like strong advice for the world is that rise and liberation of the human society lies in working on conducting ourselves rigorously corresponding to Dharma.


And our auspicious wish is that human being should have the understanding of proper and improper behavior and that he, released from the threefold afflictions of the world, may experience abiding happiness and peace.

[according to Samkhya the threefold afflictions are

- adhyatmika – from intrinsic causes (body and mind)

- adhibhautika – from extrinsic causes (environment, objects)

- adhidaivika – from cosmic causes (e.g. planets)]

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