How to best practice both Paramartha

(liberation, highest goal of human life) and Vyavahara (worldly activities, daily behavior)?

[Source: 1947-Shri Shankaracharya Vaaksudha, p 98/2017 Guru Dev Legal Trust]

At Prayag on 20/02/46, a king, who came for getting darshan, asked - “Bhagvan! Is it possible that both vyavahara is done well and paramartha also is achieved? Shri Charan (Guru Dev) replied:

“If you do your worldly activities like a “manager” then your worldly life will be excellent and paramartha also will be achieved. The main difference between king and manager is that the king has affection for his kingdom whereas a manager neither has affection nor attachment. To manage his domain he only uses his mind to do his duty. While doing all their daily activities people should not put to them attachment and affection from within.

There is no need to put antarik prem (inner-most love) towards wife, children and so forth and one´s own friends.
It is necessary to fulfill their appropriate needs as far as possible like a “manager” and on the other hand increase antarik prem for paramatma (God, Highest Self).

Accomplish your daily work with your body and wealth and meditate on paramatma with your mind. This practice will be accomplished by continuous endeavor within a little time and then this world and the world beyond both will be bright.”

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