Government has a huge responsibility to protect Dharma

(root meaning of dharma is “that which upholds order in the universe”, i.e. cosmic law for right behaviour and social order, righteousness, ethical and religious duties)

(Source: 1947_Shri Shankaracharya Vaaksudha, p 90-91/2017 Guru Dev Legacy Trust, compiled by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi)

[The holy message of Shri Acharya Charan (Guru Dev) sent to the king and emperors as a blessing, from Jyotirmath on the auspicious occasion of Shri Guru Purnima in the year 1944.]

The Hindu society and its whole life is organised on the base of dharma. And this is the reason that in spite of getting attacked by own community and several other different communities from last thousands of years, because of getting secured by the arrangement of the four varnas (castes) and four ashramas (stages of life), the demolition of Hindu culture could not happen.

In ancient times a group of sannyasins and pundits were guiding on the basis of dharma the life of both the king and his subjects by their good advice and by their ideal of dharmic conduct. And the king’s community was always busy to protect dharma by inspiring dharmic conduct by rewards and on the other hand was trying to stop non dharmic conduct by criticizing it. Therefore the society was steadily advancing along the path of nihshreyas (release from rebirth) by dharmic conduct like ishtopasana (carrying out spiritual practices for the adorable deity) and moreover abhyuday (material prosperity and individual and social welfare) and progress in the after-world were created.

But since when swadharma (own dharma) and ishtopasana according to the rules became disregarded, since then corruption in conduct, blind egoism, lethargy, impiety and discontent have grasped and encompassed Hindu society. The main purpose of human life - abhyuday and nihshreyas, can never be achieved without getting rid of all these.

The king’s community is not only the ruler and leader of the subjects but also it is having the huge responsibility of protecting and adhering dharma for the prosperity and liberation of the mass of people who are dependent on him. In shastras, there is a mandate for king’s community to look after his subjects like his own children. The way a father can only make the life of his son happy by making him capable with the help of education etc. In the same way, only the king can make the path of his subject hassle free both in this world and the other world with highest happiness and peacefulness by keeping them engaged in dharmic conducts and by making them follow the conducts mentioned in the shastras.

Hence, for the complete attainment of the purpose of abhyuday and nihshreyas, it is the prime responsibility of every king and emperor and the state authority that by following his own dharma he should always be ready to carry out ishtopasana. And should also encourage the community of people who are dependent on him to do the same. In this only lies the wellbeing of both king and his subjects.

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